Three morning names

(Some sexual topics to come.)

They’ve been piling up while other things happen. But here’s the recent crop: Futhark, eructation, sex sling. Definitely a mixed bag.

Futhark. From Wikipedia:

The Elder Futhark (or Elder Fuþark, Older Futhark, Old Futhark) is the oldest form of the runic alphabets. It was a writing system used by Germanic tribes for the northwestern and Migration period dialects. Its inscriptions are found on artifacts (including jewelry, amulets, tools, weapons, and runestones) from the 2nd to 8th centuries.

In Scandinavia, from the late 8th century, the script was simplified to the Younger Futhark, while the Anglo-Saxons and Frisians extended the Futhark which eventually became the Anglo-Saxon futhorc. Unlike the Anglo-Saxon and Younger Futharks, which remained in use during the Early and High Middle Ages, respectively, knowledge of how to read the Elder Futhark was forgotten until 1865, when it was deciphered by Norwegian scholar Sophus Bugge.

The Elder Futhark (named after the initial phoneme of the first six rune names: F, U, Th, A, R and K) consist of twenty-four runes, often arranged in three groups of eight runes called an ætt.


Eructation. One of a set of Latinate replacements for common vernacular English words — in this case, a replacement for the noun belching, burpingbelch, or burp, for ‘expelling air from the stomach through the mouth’. From NOAD2:

ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin eructatio(n-), from the verb eructare, from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out’ + ructare ‘belch.’

Similarly, sternutation for sneezing or sneeze, expectoration for spitting, flatulence for farting or fart.

Note the semantic difference between the nominal gerund (the PRP verb form used as a noun) belching, denoting an activity, and the nouning belch, denoting an individual act.

Sex Sling. From Wikipedia:

A sex swing (also known as a sling) is a type of harness designed to allow sexual intercourse while a partner is suspended while the other moves freely. Though there is considerable variety in the exact specifications, the most common sex swings have a support for the back, another for the buttocks and stirrups for each leg, which can be adjusted whilst the user is suspended.

… The main purpose of sex swings is to make intercourse more exciting and effortless. A sex swing may allow for great freedom of movement during intercourse, or unique sexual positions. Sex swings may also allow for increased sexual experiences for the disabled by using a hoist.

Here’s a high-end hammock-style sling (leather, with stirrups and a pillow), unoccupied in this photo:


The person in the sling is made open for oral sex or for penetrative sex (vaginal or anal).

This particular item came to me on a Gay Sex Slings site (where it sells for $360), which says, enthusiastically,

Sex slings for men are a great accesory for gay sex games.

Whether you are using a sex swing, or a sex sling it’s a terrific way to get more into hardcore gay sex, with less concerns about rough gay sex being such a pounding.

A good sex sling supports your partner allowing for more intense action between you both.

Here it is with a guy in place, ready for action. (The wrist restraints are an extra touch; many men prefer to have their hands free during sex.) In actual use, he’d have ditched the jockstrap, which serves only to conceal Action Central in the photo.


This particular model takes up a lot of space — roughly, 4′ x 6′ — but other styles are more compact.

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