Offer update, plus a new one

For National Days Weekend (Canada Day tomorrow, (U.S.) Independence Day on Monday), a note on the status of the various divestiture offers from my households, plus a small focussed new offer.

The new offer (#14) is for 11 children’s CDs: two from Sandra Boynton; two from Jack Nicholson and Bobbie McFerrin performing Rudyard Kiplimg tales; the Persuasions doing a set of kid songs (“On Top of Spaghetti” and the like); a Schoolhouse Rock disc; and five They Might Be Giants albums.

The deal: The offer, like the others, comes as a package, all or nothing: we’re ready to mail out a package for the cost of mailing and no more. If you want the collection, SEND E-MAIL to me ( With your postal address. Kim Darnell ( will then make arrangements for mailing and billing. (PLEASE PLEASE don’t reply as a Facebook comment or message or a WordPress comment, since this offer is going out in multiple places.)

Now for the remaining past offers, CDs first.

Offer #4, from the 24th, with “mix CDs”, sets of covers of particular songs and striking juxtapositions of different versions.

Offer #8, from the 26th, with a set of “gay music”.

Offer #11, from the 27th, with a collection of “funny stuff”: humor and comedy, some spoken, some musical.

Then two specialist sets of books, both offered on the 24th:

Offer #5, a set of vintage religious books: (Christian) Bibles, Apocryphas, and hymnals,

Offer #6, a small set of linguistics books by Otto Jespersen.

And finally,

Offer #1, from the 18th, a few dozen X-rated gay male collages mounted on light wood, with hangers. None of our sources seems to accept X-rated materials, so if there’s no taker for this collection by next Wednesday (the 6th), it all goes to the landfill.

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