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More offers from the Zwicky condos of Palo Alto. The offers come as packages: we’re ready to mail out a package for the cost of mailing and no more. If you want one of these collections, SEND E-MAIL to both me and Kim Darnell (who manages the mailing): and . With your postal address. PLEASE PLEASE don’t reply as a Facebook comment or message or a WordPress comment, since this offer is going out in multiple places.

Offers still standing:

#1. from 6/18, a few dozen X-rated collages, 4×6, mounted on pressed wood, with hangers. I know of no place that would take these, so if the offer isn’t taken up, they’ll be trashed.

#2 and #3. from 6/21, two collections of CDs: a fairly large collection of “contemporary folk” music, and a small collection of light opera / operettas. Offered separately. If not taken up here, the CDs will go to the Friends of the Palo Alto Library or to Goodwill.

And now, four more offers:

#4. A few dozen of  what you might call “mix CDs” (like mix tapes, for those of you who remember tapes). Some are collections of versions of a single song (a bunch of versions of “Eleanor Rigby” or “Amazing Grace”), others have a number of such juxtapositions on a single disc — say, three versions of “Surrey with the Fringe on Top” (Alfred Drake singing in the original Oklahoma, Blossom Dearie in elegant jazz, Marlene Dietrich doing “Schlittenfahrt” in German). Our usual donation sites won’t accept personally made discs (only commercial ones), so if this offer isn’t taken up, the discs will be trashed.

#5. A specialist book offer, of ca. ten religious books: Bibles, Apocryphas, and hymnals, from the 19th century (back to 1846) and the early 20th century. Some much worn, some still in very good shape. If not taken up here, these will be donated locally.

#6. More books, this time for linguists: a set of eight books by Otto Jespersen (NOT A Modern English Grammar or The Philosophy of Grammar). If not taken up here, these will be donated locally.

#7 More CDs (about 25 of them), of blues, jazz, and gospel. If not taken up here, these will be donated locally.

Note for enthusiasts: most of my collection of books on grammar, style, and usage have been salvaged for my own use (I am still a working scholar, after all, just very restricted in scope). And my (originally very large) library of books on lgbt subjects has been mercilessly pruned down to a small set for my own use. These books had to be cleared out of my Ramona St. condo (where I actually live) to make space for some small number of books from my much larger Staunton Ct. “library condo”, but this pruning happened before I had any way of mailing things out, so basically they’re all gone.

More offers to come, especially of CDs. (But first I want to rip them for my iTunes library, so things move slowly)

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