How dinosaurs are made

A wonderful cartoon that doesn’t depend on words:

The elephant is just the medium of transmission.

This cartoon came to me some time ago from Virginia Transue, who found it on Cheezburger’s Facebook page and shared it with family and friends. Lots of us wanted to know who the artist was, or at least what the source of the cartoon was, but no luck. Google Images is no damn good with cartoons, and Cheezburger just aggregates tons of stuff he finds on the net that entertains him, without any attempt at attribution.

It might help if someone who can read Chinese took a look at this.

3 Responses to “How dinosaurs are made”

  1. TommyBoy Says:

    dinosaur be how come
    How the dinosaur came to be.

  2. Robert Coren Says:

    And, as Antoine de St.-Éxupéry taught us many years ago, it’s also a good way to make a hat.

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