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A little while ago, a comment appeared on my “Confessions of a Grammar Queen” posting that had nothing to do with that posting; instead, it was a message (since deleted) to me, suggesting that I would enjoy an “Ancient Grammar Police” cartoon the commenter had found on the American Mensa site. (The cartoon was unattributed there, but I happen to know that it’s a Non Sequitur cartoon, and I enjoyed it when Mark Liberman posted it, under the heading “Strunk and Ptah”, on Language Log on 10/6/11.)

Warning: The comments section of a posting is for comments on that posting, not for messages to the blogger (my e-mail address is very easy to find, by the way), and it’s not a space where people can write on whatever they want (that’s why people should have their own blogs, or use social media where free discussion is welcome).

(It turns out that I let this commenter get away with something similar back in 2013, after he’d posted a germane comment on an earlier posting, but then posted a link to a cartoon he thought I’d enjoy, as a comment on a posting where it wasn’t relevant. Normally I’d complain to the commenter, but though he gave me a name then, he didn’t supply a usable address for reply, and his name was so common that I couldn’t unearth such an address for him. I should have been more suspicious then.)

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