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Seven more papers added to my website this weekend:

Auxiliary reduction in English. Linguistic Inquiry 1.3.323-36 (1970). [on website: “Auxiliary Reduction in English” (Linguistic Inquiry, 1970).]

More on Nez Perce: On alternative analyses. IJAL 37.2.122-6 (1971). [on website: “More on Nez Perce: On alternative analyses” (IJAL, 1971).]

Across the channel and across the Atlantic. Linguistic Inquiry 9.4.725-8 (1978). [on website: “Across the channel and across the Atlantic” (Linguistic Inquiry, 1978).]

(AMZ & N. S. Levin). You don’t have . Linguistic Inquiry 11.3.631-7 (1980). [on website: Arnold Zwicky & Nancy Levin, “You don’t have (Linguistic Inquiry, 1980).]

(AMZ & G. K. Pullum) Phonology in syntax: the Somali optional agreement rule. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 1.3.385-402 (1983). [on website: Zwicky & Pullum, “Phonology in syntax: the Somali optional agreement rule” (Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, 1983).]

Rules of allomorphy and syntax-phonology interactions. Journal of  Linguistics 21.2.431-6 (1985). [on website: “Rules of allomorphy and syntax-phonology interactions” (Journal of  Linguistics, 1985).]

(AMZ & J. M. Sadock) A non-test for ambiguity. Canadian Journal of Philosophy 17.1.185-8 (1987). [on website: Arnold Zwicky & Jerrold Sadock on “A non-test for ambiguity” (Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 1987).]

Another big pile of papers is in the scanning process.


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