Short shot #56: a ridicumanteau

John Lighter reports on ADS-L on the innovation RIDICULIST (actually RidicuList, often reported as Ridiculist) for  “a series of silly,
publicity-grabbing news stories” on CNN (specifically on Anderson Cooper 360) and nominates the portmanteau for the ADS Word of the Year for 2011 (as we approach the voting on WOTY 2010). Cindy McCain, Charlie Sheen, the women of The View, Brian Sodergren’s National Opt-Out Day, and more.

Then there’s a multiplayer chat game:

Ridiculist is a team trivia game hosted by a bot named Ribot. First written in 1994 as Outburst, the game changed to Chaos and then to Ridiculist when implemented for Talk City. (link)

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