Academic collages

Two more academic collages, rich in penguins. Unlike the collages I posted about a while back, which are postcard-sized, these started life as more complex 8.5″x11″ creations. And unlike the collages I referred to in my recent “giving offense” posting, which are XXX-rated (for sexual content) and so not fit for WordPress, these are decorous (well, once you start looking for phallic symbols, you’ll find them everywhere) and acceptable for display here.

Both of them are “occasional” collages, the occasion being the departures of dear, much-admired Stanford colleagues (Peter Sells and David Beaver) for other universities. We celebrated their time here and sent them off with parties.

First, for Peter. (The caption to the New Yorker cartoon might be hard for you to discern; it’s “We’ll start out by speaking in simple declarative sentences.”)

Then for David.

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  1. irrationalpoint Says:

    These are great.


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