Meatless and brainless

Today’s Zippy, at a diner in New Jersey:


Griffy contemplates vegetarianism, while Zippy throws out a series of off-center comments.

Zippy advocates brainless Fridays, meaning Fridays where you don’t use your brain, not Fridays where you don’t eat brains (like the RC’s meatless Fridays, and Lent, where you didn’t eat meat; the obligation is gone, but survives as the custom of fish on Fridays); imagines farm animals in lederhosen; calls for deep-fried nasturtiums (which are, by the way, definitely tangy and tasty); and wonders about Mr. Toad’s diet (which turns out to involve pizza with fly larvae).

Now, the diner: the Short Stop Diner in Belleville NJ, or at least that’s where it was on May 25th, 1986, when this (now-faded) photo was taken by Larry Cultrera:


The photo comes from a Diner Hotline piece of 5/26/13, where the reporter writes:

Another small diner and possibly the jewel of the bunch was the Short Stop located at 26 Washington Ave. in Belleville, NJ. One of the cutest diners I have ever photographed, this diner was bought quite a few years ago by Steve Harwin of Cleveland, Ohio’s Diversified Diners. As far as I know, Steve still has this one in storage.

The cartoon recaptures the place faithfully (undoubtedly because it was based on this very photo).

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  1. dinerhotline Says:

    Arnold, thanks for the mention! I saw the Zippy strip this AM and thought that is my photo! Actually the one in my blogpost was rescanned recently and I made it pop so it does not look faded now.

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