A treat from Dr. Zwicky

[Not about language] Just came across this site, “Welcome to Dr. Zwicky’s”, which offers meat rubs:

Dr. Zwicky’s specializes in making the best tasting Meat Rub for you [sic] favorite cut of meat. Try it and you’ll agree that it is the “Dirtiest” Meat Rub on the market.

Dirty dirt·y [dur-tee]: adjective, slang, superlative

  1. Really good.
  2. Awesome.

Useage: “Wow! This meat rub is sooo good, it’s dirty.”

Dr. Zwicky’s sells:

Dirty Steak Rubs: Dr. Zwicky has developed the “dirtiest” steak rub. It tastes sooo good, you’ll want to slap your mama! [free sample available]

Dirty Pork Rubs: Dr. Zwicky is working on a Pork Rub that is sure to huff, and puff and blow the house down!

Dirty Chicken Rubs: Dr. Zwicky is in the kitchen with Chicken Little…who knows where that will lead?

I gather that all the rubs are too spicy for my current diet (no coffee, tea, alcohol, spicy food, fried food — or aspirin; very low salt, low carbs and fat). But maybe I could offer Dr. Zwicky’s Meat Rubs as enticements to students.

8 Responses to “A treat from Dr. Zwicky”

  1. mae Says:

    Is that really what “dirty rice” means? I never knew.

  2. John Lawler Says:

    What do you mean, it’s not about language?

  3. arnoldzwicky Says:

    To mae sander: well, the uses of dirty in the Dr. Zwicky’s ads and in “dirty rice” are probably related, but they aren’t the same. Dirty rice is so called because it looks brownish, because of the bits of chopped or ground meat in it. Classic Cajun dirty rice has chopped chicken gizzards and livers in it (it’s a food stretcher), but other versions have ground meat (usually beef) and/or bits of sausage in them — often with chopped cooked onions and/or green pepper, and almost always with a characteristic mixture of spices (heavy on things like cayenne and papika). The spices are referred to as “dirty rice spices” and are sold commercially in “dirty rice mixes”. They’re the connection to the (similar) assortments of spices in Dr. Zwicky’s dirty meat rubs.

    But the dirty in the Dr. Zwicky’s ads goes on to convey something like ‘powerful-tasting’ and then ‘great-tasting’, converging with the slang inversion of dirty to convey fabulousness.

  4. arnoldzwicky Says:

    To John Lawler: Ok, ok, just about anything can be made to be about language. Which Mae Sander has helped me see in this case.

  5. arnoldzwicky Says:

    More to John Lawler: Oh yes, there’s the nouning rub ‘substance for rubbing onto something’. OED2 has a number of senses in which the verb rub has been nouned over the years (notably in the sense ‘act of rubbing’, as in back rub and “it came off with a rub”), but it doesn’t have this one, which is more specific than seasoning and distinct from marinade in that rubs are dry rather than wet. (I have a seasoning from Penzey’s labeled as “pasta sprinkle”, with the nouning sprinkle in a sense parallel to rub; that is, it’s an herb and spice mixture for sprinkling on pasta.)

  6. Jens Fiederer Says:

    That last sentence, given the double-entendre on “meat”, might be risky even for a tenured professor!

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  8. Colin Pye Says:

    I have a feeling offering that sort of thing to students is a good way to get a visit from the HR department…

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