Morphology Friday 3: the verbing screen-shot

From Dennis Preston yesterday, a report from the Twitterverse on Wednsday (10/1), in which:

Apparently a Grand Jury member in the Ferguson [MO] shooting put up a message which suggested outside contact and immediately took it down. But not before somebody “screenshotted” it.

From @ShaunKing:

Within seconds of posting this, her friends told her to delete it and she did. It was screenshotted first.

Start with the N + N compound screenshot. Then verb it (convert it directly to a verb), to get to screenshot, which will then be inflected regularly, to give PST/PSP screenshotted.

On the N + N compound screenshot (from Wikipedia):

A screenshot, screen capture (or screen-cap), screen dump, screengrab is an image taken by the computer user to record the visible items displayed on the monitor, television, or another visual output device.

Some examples of the verb to screenshot in its BSE form:

If I could screenshot every time you smile. [with smileys] (link)

how can I screenshot on boost max (link)


The zero-derived V is inflected regularly because the element shot in it is a N. Nevertheless, screenshotted sounds awkward to many — because there is a V shot, with PST/PSP shot. If you reanalyze to screenshot as N + V, then you expect examples like these:

[PST] @King_Sabrinaa yesterday I screenshot your teeth&put it in front of my face& looked in the mirror for like, 10 minutes (link)

[PSP] I love this, ever since those pages have started stalking me I’ve screenshot everything and posted for all my friends to see. (link)

And then, given PST/PSP examples like these, people can go on to posit a BSE form screenshoot (using the BSE form shoot corresponding to PST/PSP shot). And so they do:

[BSE] and i will screenshoot your facebook and upload it (link)

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