Tubby in Peekskill

Today’s Zippy has Little Lulu’s sidekick Thomas “Tubby” Tompkins traveling across worlds to race to the Central Diner in Peekskill NY — the Sunset Diner of Tubby and Lulu’s 1950’s cartoon childhood:


(Wilbur van Snobbe and Iggie Inch are, of course, two more Little Lulu characters.)

(Earlier postings here on Little Lulu on 7/25/13, with illustrations, and 5/29/16.)

Tubby and the diner back in the day (Little Lulu #23, May 1950):


The Center Diner in Peekskill NY:


From the Roadside Architecture site:

Peekskill NY: The Center Diner is a National diner from 1939. It was known as the “Sunset Diner” in Little Lulu comics. For more, see this website.

It turns out there is a whole fanworld of Luluiana. The link above is to D. Michele Maki’s piece on the Sunset Diner (1/22/05):

I was intrigued with the idea of Peekskill, New York, being Little Lulu’s home town when I first read Brad Tenan’s wonderful article in the Little Lulu Library when they first came out. I knew right away that some day I would go to Peekskill to check it out.

And so she did.

On Peekskill, from Wikipedia:

Peekskill, officially the City of Peekskill, is a city in the New York City metropolitan area, Westchester County, New York, in the United States. Peekskill is situated on a bay along the east side of the Hudson River, across from Jones Point.

(For the tech-oriented among you, Peekskill isn’t far from Yorktown Heights.)



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