Cameron Harvey

(The cartoonist Cameron Harvey. There are a surprising number of Cameron Harveys around.)

Recently seen here: a CH cartoon on emoji and hieroglyphics, from the 4/27/15 New Yorker. Now three more, not especially language-focused, but all wryly bookish. Another in the New Yorker (8/3/15):


And then two more, published elsewhere.



It’s hard to make a living off cartoons, so it’s fortunate that CH has a real day job, at the Harvey Gallery in Lansdale PA (northwest of Philadelphia), a sculpture store offering Galaxy Fountains and more. From the jaunty Staff section of the company’s website:

Cameron graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh. Cameron is married and has a son, named Gryffin. Cameron teaches fencing in Bucks County and he is also a certified SCUBA diver. Cameron is an accomplished sculptor and is currently into composing avant garde classical music. He has spearheaded our gallery’s transformation into bronze casting.  Most recently, Cameron has become a cartoonist for New Yorker Magazine. The New Yorker is probably the most prestigious and most difficult magazine to get a cartoon published in.  Good Show, Cam!!!

He fences, he dives, he sculpts, he composes — and he cartoons!

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  1. Cameron Harvey Says:

    This fellow sounds quite interesting 😉

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