Cuppy and his cub

Cuppy is a cymbidium orchid, a great big maxi guy in a shade of light peach / apricot, with yellow highlights and a dark red lip. And now he has a cub, a clone. They’re the last of my cymbidiums to come into bloom each year; they might last into June, depending on temperatures (cymbidiums are winter-blooming, cool-weather plants).

Cuppy last year, in my 3/31/17 posting “He bloomed in March”:

(#1) Cuppy up close at the end of March 2017

A caption with the flower personified:

He was a big man, Cuppy, with
Florid, juicy sexual parts and a
Passion for ripe peaches and
Apricots. His drag name was

(cymbidium <modern Latin < Greek kumbē  ‘cup’)

… Wikipedia … tells us that in the gay bandanna code, peach means that you’re a bear or a cub looking for a bear, and apricot means you’re a chubby chaser. Cuppy take note.

Cuppy this week, with two flower stems:


Cuppy is a maxi, with very thick stems. And the larger stem is over two feet long.

Up close, showing the intriguing colors of Cuppy’s sexual parts:


And Cuppy’s cub Cupertino, with one flower stalk, shown here next to a late-blooming mini-cymbidium in white with faint touches of pink:


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