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Recent bulletins from the world of commerce: cricket chips, bed-hair mousse.

Cricket chips. From the 5/25/14 New Scientist (p. 14), “More legs, more flavour” by Hal Hodson, about crickets:

These are the first insects in the US to be farmed for human consumption. Big Cricket Farms, the company running the warehouse, is working with insect food start-up Six Foods in Boston, who will make the cricket chips … – which they call “chirps” – and cookies. They are among many adventurous eaters hoping to carve out a niche for a protein-rich, environmentally friendly food source that could transform the modern diet.

The brand name chirp for ‘cricket chip’ might just work, given its comfortable distance from actual insects. And the chips look like, well, ordinary (taco) chips.

Bed-hair mousse. At first I thought this was a joke, but then I’m not plugged into the fashions of the young: AXE (the personal-care company) Messy Look Paste, sold under the brand name Whatever. From a men’s fashion site:

AXE Whatever Messy Look Paste

Messy Look Paste takes all of the guesswork and time out of creating “I-just-rolled-out-of-bed” hair that, in reality, can often take more like 30 minutes to style perfectly. This is one time where the label “whatever” is appropriate and actually a good thing. Unlike other bed-head products, Messy Look isn’t greasy or sticky and doesn’t leave behind a waxy finish or sheen. The color of the product is complemented by a soft yet masculine scent. The fragrance for all of AXE’s hair products was formulated using a cedar wood base with distinctive fruity tones and the relaxing aroma of birch leaf. [$6.99 a tub]

Yes, there are competitors in the domain of bed-head products. Messy-look hair, some facial scruff — for that masculine “whatever” look.

The product:


and a messy-haired guy:


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