The end of The New Y

In the February 27th New Yorker, this Mick Stevens cartoon:

The snowclone X Is The New Y (The New Y for short) is the snowclone to bury all snowclones (some discussion here, though the material on it is now overwhelming). In Stevens’s cartoon we come to the end of the line: no more “75 is the new 65” or whatever.

(I can’t help noting that The New Y is the new Eskimo Snow, where Eskimo Snow is the ur-snowclone, about Eskimos and their putatively many words for snow. Not that Eskimo Snow is going gently away; Victor Steinbok has been sending me — and Geoff Pullum and Mark Liberman — fresh examples or meta-examples every few days.)

2 Responses to “The end of The New Y”

  1. John Lawler Says:

    I do have to remark that, on seeing your post title on FB, I had a brief fear/fantasy that you were actually blogging about the end ofThe New Yorker. Luckily, I recalled the cartoon when I saw it in large format here. (*Whew*)

  2. Mark A. Mandel Says:

    Saw a new (2me) variant on the HEART snowclone, in a poster for LensCrafter vision products:

    [EYE] [HEART] [“LC” LensCrafter logo]

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