Texting Santa

From the NYT‘s “Metropolitan Diary” this morning, a sign of the times:

Dear Diary:
Time: Just before Christmas.
Scene: Doctor’s office.

Seated in the waiting room were a husband, wife and three children, ages about 7, 5 and 3. The boys were actually particularly quiet as they waited — but at one point, they were starting to get a bit rambunctious, so the father turned to them and said, “Quiet now or I’ll text Santa.”

Text Santa.

I surely could not have heard that correctly, since I was at the opposite end of the waiting room. But about 10 minutes later, as the boys were starting to act up, the father turned to them again and said, “Texting Santa,” and they immediately sat down quietly.

While my children said that’s not a particularly amazing thing to say, they did say that the fact that the dad had Santa’s cellphone number was pretty cool.

Ruth Sommer

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