Rainbow Peeps

It’s the Vernal Equinox today (and as sometimes happens on this day, snow is predicted in parts of the Eastern U.S.), and also Palm Sunday, one week before Easter, so Easter foods, especially candy, so we’re subjected to a barrage of candy ads. Among the strongly Easter-associated candies, at least in the U.S., where they’re made, are marshmallow Peeps (discussion on this blog in the posting “Peeps” of 3/18/13) — appallingly sweet but cute candies, classically in the shape of chicks.

And now, a mixture of food genres. Ellen Evans reports on Peeps specifically in rainbow, the colors of the Pride flag; rainbow food is something of a specialty on its own — there is a Page on this blog listing postings on such food — but I don’t think I’ve seen the flag colors deployed for Easter candy before:


But there’s plenty of rainbow Easter stuff, for instance rainbow Easter eggs:


And of course there are all sorts of joke images, many involving hot sexy gay male bunnies. One from an enormous assortment of these things, with a sexy-playful slogan card:


Crude, but entertaining.

Then there are gay Easter events, prompted in part by the fact that Easter Sunday represents the end of Lent, the other end of which was Mardi Gras, so that the gay celebrations of Mardi Gras (involving, among other things, costumes, costumes, costumes) are once again released. For instance, the Matinee Gay Easter Weekend in Barcelona:


Meanwhile, there’s the specifically American custom of the Easter Parade. In New Orleans, the tradition of flamboyant gay celebrations has been combined with the Easter Parade, to yield the Annual Official Gay Easter Parade, the 17th of which is set for next Sunday. From the website:

The parade showcases the fashion and creativity of the entire LGBT community with gentlemen in summer suits/tux with hats, and ladies in Easter suits/dresses with Easter hats.

From a past parade:


Rainbow Easter eggs are readily available in plastic, so no actual eggs need be sacrificed for flamboyant fashion in the Easter Parade.

Ok, I can’t resist one more, this time because it’s local. Easter Sunday 2013, near Noe and Market Sts. in San Francisco: two Easter bunnies:


You probably won’t see that on a street corner near you next Sunday.

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