Cowboy POP

Today’s Rhymes With Orange:

It’s been a while since we had a POP (phrasal overlap portmanteau), but here’s a cute one (Hilary Price is fond of them): prairie dog + dog walker = prairie dog walker, which is what the fellow in the cartoon is — definitely a niche occupation, not much in demand.

Today is that odd holiday, U.S. Daylight Saving Day (DST officially began about an hour ago, when 2 a.m magically became 3 a.m.). Tomorrow, the 14th, is a somewhat more substantial, but still odd, holiday, Pi Day (it’s 3.14), which one local restaurant celebrates by selling all kinds of pies. That’s followed on the 15th by the Ides of March (Don’t go, Julie, don’t go!), also the Penis Festival in Japan (a celebration of generative power), then on the 17th by St. Patrick’s Day (this year’s news: “Mayor de Blasio [of NYC] to Attend St. Patrick’s Day Parade [the largest in the world] After Gay Ban Falls”).


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