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Today’s Rhymes With Orange:

A rhesus/Reese’s pun that depends on your knowing about the candy called Reese’s Pieces. (And of course on your knowing about rhesus monkeys.)

The candy:

They’re like M&M’s, but with peanut butter filling. From Wikipedia:

Reese’s Pieces are a peanut butter candy manufactured by The Hershey Company for the North American market; they are also available in Ireland and The United Kingdom. They are circular in shape and covered in candy shells that are colored yellow, orange, or brown. They can be purchased in plastic packets, cardboard boxes, or cup-shaped travel containers. The candy was introduced in 1978 and introduced to Canada in 1980. The relatively new product became very popular with the 1982 release of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, in which the candy is featured.

Reese’s Pieces are a product extension of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups line; this new product was designed to capitalize on the success of the chocolate-covered peanut butter cups.

We’ve been in rhesus/Reese’s territory before, in a posting on “There’s No Right Way to Eat a Rhesus”:

Another item from the mental_floss store (source of “Idioms are for the birds”, here). It depends on your knowing the advertising slogan “There’s no right way to eat a Reese’s” (the peanut butter cups).

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  1. Mar Rojo Says:

    As Rod Stewart might have once said: “Still I look to find a rhesus to believe”.

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