AZBlogX continuations

Two follow-ups on AZBlogX (note: not for the kiddies or the sexually modest):

5/5/13: “The UnderGear sale”, more on remarkable men’s underwear, on three models: the UG total exposure guy; a moody hunk in revealing underwear; and an All-American boy in zipperwear and satinwear. Entertainment value, not much of linguistic interest.

5/5/13: “RSS Global, round 2”, after “Global porn”, four more international studs: Jonathan Collins (Hungarian by birth), Michael Torres (New Yorker of Dominican / Venezuelan parentage), Logan McCree (German), and Dominic Pacifico (US Latino). Pictured here in head shots:

These collections of pornstars give rise to questions about the roles of race and ethnicity in gay sexual relations, both in real life and in the fantasy porn world of Gayland. A tiny sampling: in the US, Latinos are now officially hot, and use Spanish-sounding porn names (so continue to be “exotic”), while men of European parentage are inclined to assume “whitebread American” names and so to assimilate to the majority culture.


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