A Zippy query

Yesterday’s Zippy has a flat 2-d version of the Pinhead on a bench in earnest conversation with a similarly flat female figure (not at all Pinhead-like):


The question is: what is that female figure, with its diamond cut-out just below the neck?

I got no connection, and was unable to get Google Images to see the figure as anything but a tree (despite my attempts to brush out the greenery). Symbols for women’s toilets have round heads rather than trapezoidal ones, and have no cutouts. Google searches for female figures with diamond cutouts pulled up some dresses with such cutouts:

(#2) Nicholas black diamond cut out gown

and some Wonder Woman images:

(#3) Wonder Woman cartoon, with abdominal cutout

but nothing like the figure in #1.

On the chance that the figure was actually a public artwork or a type of bench or chair with the female figure on it, I tried several more searches, but was led instead to some really interesting public/street art and ultimately to the Museum Kampa in Prague in my last post, where I found some unexpected penguins (but no women with diamond-shaped cutouts).

So I throw myself on my readership of this blog (and Facebook and Google+). Anyone recognize the figure?

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  1. Christopher Huxley Says:

    To me it suggests the work of British sculptor Lynn Chadwick, for example this at Canary Wharf

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