El Bruto commands

(Riff on the Daily Jocks ad of 12/29/17. Men in their underwear. Doing stuff. Free verse. You have been warned.)


El Bruto
Wants you to
Pump! up your
Underwear, you’ll
Do what El Bruto
Wants, else he’ll
Crush your
Puny self
Between his
Muscular thighs ’n
Leave you a
Spent husk

Spent, exhausted, spent, used up, spent, wasted away:

(#2) The Wages of Dissolution

Driven to a wreck by El Bruto. So many boys ruined. Sad story.

(#2 is a collage of mine, with the boys’ wee dicks fuzzed out. There are more in the series.)

(#3) The Lost Boys

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