A few weeks ago, I found myself having lunch next to a table of two men (speaking Dutch; this might be relevant), one of whom was wearing a t-shirt that said quite clearly


in large bold letters. Puzzling slogan; what could it mean?

Eventually, I got a closer look and discovered that there was an initial letter in each word, in a fancier, much lighter typeface. The slogan was


But what was Speed Devil? Something automotive, maybe.

But no: a plant variety. A strain of Cannabis, in fact. Marijuana, pot, weed. And very potent.

Here’s a type of Speed Devil, looking suitably fierce:


Speed Devil (with several strains) is bred for its high resin content. Then female plants are prevented from pollinating and setting seed, so that the resin is further concentrated in the leaves, rather than going to seed production.

Pot growers can get Speed Devil seeds from a number of European sources, but none in the U.S. And it looks like none of the sources will ship to the U.S. At the moment, apparently, if you want to score some Speed Devil you’ll need to travel to, say, Amsterdam.

If you do score some Speed Devil, use the resin very sparingly in food. It seems to be scarily potent.

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