Ziegler on toast

Two cartoons about toast from The Essential Jack Ziegler (ed. by Lee Lorenz, 2000): the Bureau of Missing Toast and The Scream in toast:

Toast is so ordinary, so everyday, so uncomplicated, that making anything of it is likely to be at least a bit funny.

But Ziegler’s first cartoon above treats toast as precious and beloved, so that a missing slice of toast is as distressing as a missing family member or missing pet. Similarly, Bob and Ray’s wonderful House of Toast ad treats toast as so special it deserves shops devoted to supplying it, in all of its many varieties

Then there’s Ziegler’s somewhat surrealistic toast version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream — one in a long series of parodies of the painting (some here; more here, with information on the painting).

Topical bonus: a Matt Wuerker POLITICO cartoon with Munch-style screams at the advance of “socialism” (leaving out public fire companies, public libraries, and more):

Finally, for information on Ziegler, see this posting with his cartoon on spelling rage.


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  2. John Baker Says:

    I am reminded of the Toast Marketing Board in Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series. Its factitious website is at http://www.thursdaynext.com/toast.html.

    • thnidu Says:

      Not any more. That domain is now called “Thursday Next Garcinia Cambogia”, and its content ranges from dubious “natural” weight loss aids to spam gibberish…. [AMZ: spam gibberish deleted; it doesn’t need repeating.]

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