Annals of phallicity: the breadstuffs

I should have realized when I posted about baguette — surprise! no foodie bague! — that there would be all sorts of stuff about baguettes as phallic objects. And there are. Carrots, corncobs, cucumbers, sausages, celery, whatever, and of course long thin crusty rolls of bread, they’re all cocks you can eat. (As someone who finds men’s cocks to be genuine objects of desire, I find all of this enormously amusing.)

Which brings me to a playful set of pastry penises on the website Expat Postcards: Miss K’s Random Guide to Here and There of 1/5/12:

You may recall that I used to live in the Marais and my old neighbourhood bakery there sells this rather delightful item, which I have posted about in the past (Penis bread) [a brioche]).  But it seems that they have expanded their repertoire, and I feel I must share this awesomeness with you.

Firstly, the penis baguette [baguette magique ‘magic wand’] – please note that it comes in both poppy and sesame seed to delight your gourmet tastebuds, which is very important, I’m sure you’ll agree:

… Then we have the chocolate-chip penis brioche.  I’ll admit that it looks slightly dodgy, but I assure you that it’s delicious:

… And finally, quite possibly the greatest thing in the world: the penis tarte aux framboises:

… should you find yourself in Paris and then find yourself in the Marais, Legay Choc bakery can be found on the rue St Croix de la Bretonnerie, at the corner of rue du Temple.

4 Responses to “Annals of phallicity: the breadstuffs”

  1. Valerij Tomarenko (@En_De_Ru) Says:

    Wondering about the target group… The alliteration of “pain” and “penis” would be nice, but “petit” (like in petit pain) completely out of place. Who was it who said condom sizes always start from Large?

  2. News on the edible penis front | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] posting (focused mostly on cookies and chocolates), I return today to phallic foodstuffs, a topic last discussed here in connection with penis-shaped breadstuffs: baguettes, brioches, and tartes. Now to cookies and […]

  3. Tommy Quach Says:

    Always go for the penis when I’m at bake shop.

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