Jeff Hobbs

In the June 2016 issue of Funny Times, a bit of language play, portmanteauing Oreos (referring to the brand of creme-filled chocolate cookie sandwiches) and areolas (referring to the rings of pigmented skin surrounding nipples):


The artist, Jeff Hobbs, is new to this blog; he’s given to plays on words, however.

From his website:

When I’m not working my full time “job” you can find me cartooning, watching mixed martial arts, playing guitar, playing husband to my wife, Lisa & playing daddy to my kids, Lucas and Maci, in Elizabeth, Indiana.

My cartoons appear regularly in the Funny Times newspaper:

Three more from his pen:


Not waterboarding, but torturing a gingerbread man with milk in a way analogous to waterboarding.


One of the Egyptian Pyramids converted to a metaphorical usage, the FGP (the Food Group Pyramid).


Kebabs on a grill, with the skewers treated like the bars in foosball (aka table football):


So FoosKebab is a portmanteau of Foosball and Kebab.

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