Pockets in his trunks

(Only a little about language here, beyond the hanky code, but there is plain talk about gay sex, so this is not for kids or the sexually modest.)

On the 22nd from Daily Jocks, with a sale offer:

Get a massive 20% off the entire DailyJocks Neon Sports Range!  No minumum [note anticipation of the U in the last syllable] spend and no promo code needed + free global shipping! [On the nouning of spend, see my 8/23/12 posting on this blog.]

All made from a super breathable Airmesh and cotton/spandex blend, the jock is a brief-jock style giving you all the front support of a brief with plenty of room at the back [that is, there’s no seat panel], while the [low-rise] trunk features deep side pockets in case you need to keep anything handy.

Available in black and white with a variety of fun neon inspired highlights!

Kent just loved the pockets in his
Neon trunks. For the right, a neat
Pocket square, in navy blue –
Fuck me – or light blue – wanna
Suck your cock; for the left, his
American Sexpress card, to pay the man.
He had a magenta hanky –
Armpit fetish – but never used it, ’cause
Guys confuse magenta and mauve, and
Navels don’t do a thing for him.

The gay hanky code has been ridiculously elaborated from the high days of bar and street cruising, when navy blue (fucking), light blue (cocksucking), black (S&M), red (fistfucking), yellow (piss), white (jacking off), and maybe a few others were widely understood as signals of what you were looking for in a sex partner. Now one site lists a ton of colors, subtly distinguished; in the pink/purple range:

light pink (dildos), dark pink (tit torture), mauve (navel fetish), magenta (armpit fetish), purple (piercing), lavender (drag queen)

I mean, how many guys, even fashion-conscious fags, can reliably distinguish mauve and magenta? (Like Kent in my caption, I’m into armpits, but unmoved by navels.)

Then there are absurd things like gold lamé for muscleboys (on the left if you like them as bottoms, on the right if you like them as tops), and light blue for cocksucking (that’s standard) plus colored dots for the desired race/ethnicity: white, black, brown (latinos), or yellow (asians). There’s the Union Jack for skinheads, but nothing for men with hairy forearms or smooth-bodied men.


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