John Bell

From Facebook friends, this John Bell cartoon:


A wonderful double pun, on stroke (‘brushstroke’ or ‘cerebrovascular accident’) and brush (‘implement for painting etc.’ or ‘light and fleeting touch’).

John Bell, on his own website:

I have been working in the graphic arts field for over 25 years. My art career has been multifacted, working mainly as a freelance art director and graphic designer, as well as an illustrator and cartoonist.

#1 is from his series The Bell Curve. Many of the cartoons there are linguistically playful. Two more:


Pun on isle / aisle.


A pun on pole ‘extremity’ in either of two specialized uses: ‘extreme emotional state’ in bipolar ‘manic-depressive’ or ‘geographical extremity’ as in “North Pole and South Pole’. The bear in #3 hangs out at both geographical poles.

One Response to “John Bell”

  1. Michael Vnuk Says:

    Another aspect of the bear is that it looks somewhat like a penguin – check out colour pattern, shape of feet and face, stance, etc.

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