Another crop of homoXmas ads

(The title tells the story. There will be some plain talk about men’s bodies and mansex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

For this year: a Daily Jocks Xmas ad with a somewhat disheveled St. Nick in Santa cap and red mini-brief (available for $20 off the regular price!); and a TitanMen Xmas sale offering pornstar David Anthony (amiably smiling well-muscled big-dicked daddy-top) wearing absolutely nothing at all (so he’s #1 in an accompanying AZBlogX posting “More Xmas porn”).

From last year: the TitanMen sale, offering “12 Gage of Xmas”, 12 days of Joe Gage porn scenes (a ponderously phallic poster, so also in the AZBlogX posting, #2); and a Twitter Xmas card from Dallas Steele (@DallasSteeleXXX) and his boyfriend Taylor Bishop (@boySteele), doing the Daddy-Boy thing in scraps of red and green (and gold and white) and big smiles.

The DJ Sale. The ad:

(#1) For the month from St. Nicholas’s Day (Dec. 6th) through Epiphany (Jan. 6th), Santoro wears nothing but his Santa cap and his cute little red brief

All praise to Santoro, quirky elf!

David Anthony bares all for you at Xmas. Over on AZBlogX, where I note that Anthony comes with none of the trappings of the season, in the TitanMen ad — or anywhere else, as far as I can tell. He just is.

Among earlier postings on Anthony (who’s something of a favorite of mine):

on 3/31/13, “Threesomes and more”: with a short writeup on the pornstar, with photos of him in sexaction, showing him to be muscled, handsome, older, given to smiling, and blessed with a big dick that suits the rest of his body well. His persona is of an amiable top, a good Daddy.

on 4/26/13, “Anthony, Saint, Stallone”: with a section on Hung: The Best of David Anthony

Anthony doing a friendly cock tease:

(#2) Beat me, Daddy, with your fleshy hose!

12 days of Joe Gage. Last year’s TitanMen offering, cropped here (full image on AZBlogX):

(#3) 12 Gage of Xmas playing on 12 Days of Xmas; incorporating 12 Gage as a play on 12-gauge from 12-gauge shotgun, with its phallic imagery; and maybe folding in days for gays, since each of its 12 scenes is of gay sex

From Manhunt Daily on the product and its marketing:

Joe Gage is one of porn’s most well-known directors. When you see his name in the credits, you know the men are going to be treating each other like sex piggies at an ass trough. TitanMen is using the holiday season to celebrate Joe’s career by re-releasing 12 of his class scenes that HE handpicked and remastered! I’ve included all 12 teasers below. They will release one a day over the next 12 days. Hate the holidays? This will get you through em’. This is honestly what I want for Christmas. Fuck gloves, give porn.

(Whoa! Fuck gloves are for fisting, aren’t they? Oh, V + object N, not N + N compound. Never mind.)

Dallas and Taylor do what they can to make ass-fucking cute. Their Titanic greeting card from last year:

(#4) Boy and Daddy

Steele’s red and green cap and loincloth are especially remarkable — Daddy’s demanding dominance sweetened by his silly costume, and that salt-and-pepper smile.

Bishop has a cute nose, boy-smooth body, and most important of all, an absolutely adorable ass:

(#5) Fuck me, Daddy, I love you

(Apparently a selfie, but a very nicely composed one. The open door asa central feature is a nice touch.)

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