Joseph Cross

Caught in a Law & Order re-run (“Obsession” from 2005): young actor Joseph Cross, playing the teenage son of a family in the episode. I recognized him from two memorable tv performances from 2004, both times as a sensitive, vulnerable teenager.

2004 on Smallville: playing Jordan Cross in the episode “Hereafter” (when Jordan is touched by another person, he immediately sees how that person will die)

2004 on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: playing Adam Nesbit in “Home” (where Diane Venora portrayed an abusive mother who uses homeschooling as a way of keeping her children from the eyes of the public; Cross played the elder son)

On the actor, from Wikipedia:

Joseph Michael Cross (born May 28, 1986) is an American actor. He began work as a child actor, and starred in three 1998 films, Desperate Measures, Wide Awake, and Jack Frost. More recently, he headlined the film Running with Scissors (2006), and co-starred in Untraceable, Milk, and Lincoln.

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