Wrapped for June

(Warning: about gay porn, with frank discussion of men’s bodies and man-man sex; the X-rated images are on AZBlogX, but a couple of the ones here skirt the line. In any case, not for the kiddies or the sexually modest.)

On my X Blog, in “Wrapping themselves in the rainbow flag”, a Gay Pride sale at Channel 1 Releasing (well, an excuse to advertise four of their most recent releases). For whatever reason, all four of the images there have the men as receptors rather than insertors — as phallophages in a general sense, two per os and two per ano.

The actors: in #1 (from Daddy Issues), Kyle Kash as a Boy (admittedly, hairy and muscular, but definitely a Boy) in a Daddy-Boy scene; in #2 (from “Chokin’ on Cock”), Joe Parker in an absurd multi-suck scene (three at a time!); in #3 (from “Folsom Flesh”), Joe Steele, in a harness and a sling, getting porked by a leather dude; and in #4 (from “My New Step Brother”), Austin Jordan fellating in the family.

I’m interested, in general, in how pornstars are presented in these movies, how their fantasy relationships are framed (everything from raw, context-less sex to bonding for love), how the encounters are structured, and how language is used in these encounters. You can get only a bit of this from still shots, and it’s gotten harder than it used to be to get information about the actors and the films; the field is crowded with low-grade professional porn and enormous amounts of amateur porn.

Here I’ll focus on Kyle Kash, who leads off the ad and is in fact wrapped in a rainbow flag for the season (the rest merely have rainbow PRIDE! insignia on the images).

In the AZBlogX shot, Kash is displaying his muscular hairy ass (plus some dangling testicles), glancing back over his shoulder at the viewer, in a shot that screams BOTTOM. And indeed, though he’s a relative newcomer to the porn flick world, he’s been around the bottom block a whole lot of times already: in Daddy Issues, with Scotty Rage — in a cropped photo:


Taking Dmitri Kane in a different sexual position (mounted on him), in Before a Shower (also cropped):


(With open-mouthed ecstatic pleasure in both shots.)

And bottoming for at least the following men in other films: Brenner Bolton, Trenton Ducati, John Foster, Kip Ryker.

Then there’s his rentboy in L.A. site, which features his ass in the first photo of the set and emphasizes its virtues in the text:


Very open-minded and non-judgmental guy here looking to fulfill your fantasies and take you on an adventure. I have a tight, muscular, defined body (workout 7x a week), a large 7.5″ cock and an amazing ass.

I’m available for dinners, companionship, events, etc. I’m very chill, discreet, sweet, and caring. I will treat you like the amazing person that you are. I know how to have a great time and would love for you to join me.

(It’s all about the dinner conversation.)

On the other three actors, very briefly. Three different types:

Joe Parker: billed as gay-for-pay, mostly a top – lean and ruggedly masculine

Colin Steele: raunchy, leather muscle pig, into barebacking, and usually a top

Jordan Austin: framed as a young straight boy who discovers gay sex together with his new stepbrother

Something for everybody at Pride Time.

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