Clown and balloon animal, take 4

The New Yorker has recently been on something of a run with the cartoon meme of the clown and his balloon animal. One (by Ken Krimstein) I haven’t chronicled before, from the October 3rd issue:

Man in hot air balloon, on the right, comes upon clown in giant balloon dog balloon, on the left. How else would a clown go ballooning? (Wordless, of course.)


Two more recent New Yorker cartoons on the theme:

on 10/6/16, “Bozo’s ark”: clown and his balloon animals, two by two

on 9/10/16, “Return of the Sam Gross balloon dog”: dismayed clown catches balloon dog clawing a chair

The last harks back to:

on 1/28/12, “Wordless cartoons, words-only cartoons”: #1, balloon dog floats in through a doggie door at the top of a front door

As for Krimstein, he’s appeared once before on this blog:

on 7/25/15, “Ken Krimstein”: 3 cartoons (with writeup about the artist)

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