Genuine mink jock

A preposterous vintage 70s fashion ad that’s all over the net (though, as usual, without a verifiable source):

What to marvel at most? The idea that packing your dick in the fur of a dead animal will make it more attractive (luxurious, sensual, provocative — an irresistible invitation to hard ‘n’ heavy action)? Or even be comfortable? Or the color options: ebony, ranch, champagne? (Champagne?)

Mostly I’m creeped out. Hard ‘n’ heavy action is going to result in some bodily fluids, and they don’t combine well with fur (whether genuine or fake). Ick, messy.

Leather jocks are really hot, but leather takes some special care. Otherwise, even high-end fashion jocks — think Andrew Christian — are made of breathable, washable fabrics. If you’re flaunting your stuff properly in such a juck, you’re probably going to leak into the fabric, and that’s just fine.

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