Velasco strikes again, trochaically

In the last slutwear (for hustlers and lovers) episodes, we saw a P.O.V. toga line on this blog and an Andres Velasco sheer fishnet line on AZBlogX. Now Undergear offers more black sheerness from Velasco, in a Marrakesh line of sheer black lace underwear that’s a bit too revealing to be WordPressable. You can view the Andres Velasco® Marrakesh thong and bikini on my XBlog, along with the metrically interesting ad slogan:

Racy, lacy wrappings
For private celebrations

and some delicious ad copy.

In the photo, the thong is on the left (below the serious pecs), the bikini (brief) on the right (with a penetrating Gaze Direct above it). (It looks like in this case the prices correspond to the amount of fabric in the garments: $18 for the little thong, $20 for the mid-size bikini, and $22 for the generous trunk (not illustrated).)

The slogan is trochaic, and, I’d suggest, tetrameter, since the two lines have a rest (a silent foot) at the end:

′˘  ′˘  ′˘  R

˘ ′˘  ′˘  ′˘  R

(with a leading extrametrical weak syllable in the second line). The first line has an internal rhyme in racylacy, with the /ési/echoed in the /éʃǝn/ of celebration — a somewhat distant half-rhyme, but nevertheless a half-rhyme that helps to knit the two lines together, as do the bilabial stops / p  p  b / of wrappingsprivatecelebrations and the final plurals (wrappings, celebrations) in the two lines. With two further lines rhyming (or half-rhyming) with wrappings and celebrations, we’d have a pretty nice quatrain.

Racy, lacy and private celebrations are worked into the text of the ad copy for the line:

Treat yourself (and your partner) to the racy, lacy wrappings of this luxurious men’s underwear, made for private celebrations. The Andres Velasco Marrakesh men’s bikini underwear feeds your passion for the exotic with a touchable blend of velvety flocking and see-through mesh. If you’re looking for sensual men’s lace underwear that is as comfortable as it is sexy, then this sumptuous bikini [or thong or trunk] is a must-have.

The copy is packed with the clothing correspondent to the “tasty adjectives” of restaurant menus, where

Adjectives that do not refer specifically to methods of preparation [of which tasty is a prime example] are common but often uninformative. (“America’s national dish”, here, p. 89)

In the Marrakesh text there are three types of tasty adjectives:

referring to attractive sensory perceptions: lacy, velvety, touchable, comfortable

denoting or connoting sexiness, literally or figuratively: racy, sensual, sexy

connoting other positive qualities: luxurious, exotic [here converted to nominal use], sumptuous

Throughout, the attractions of the underwear are linked to the visible delights of the bodies of the men wearing it, each reinforcing the other and working together to create one of the neighborhoods of the fantasy Gayland.


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