Guns and fountain pens

The fountain pen is mightier than the Glock, at least in Dingburg’s dream world:

The real-world Emory Parnell was a vaudevillian and character actor — yet another of Griffy’s film associations (see Theophylact’s comment here).

Meanwhile, guns and pens are of course phallic symbols, and I’ve been slogging my way through a series of postings on phallicity on my X blog.  So far:

9/5/10: Phallicity: the introduction (link)

9/12/10: Phallicity: Würste (link)

9/13/10: Phallicity: innocent? (1) (link)

9/13/10: Phallicity: innocent? (2) (link)

Several more to come.

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