hyperbaton, hypermasturbation

The Dinosaur Comics from the 3rd, in principle about hyperbaton:

But hypermasturbation (which sounds sort of like hyberbaton) intrudes in the conversation.

On hyperbaton, from Wikipedia:

Hyperbaton … is a figure of speech that alters the syntactic order of the words in a sentence or separates normally-associated words. The term may also be used more generally for all different figures of speech that transpose the natural word order in sentences.

“Hyperbaton” is a word borrowed from the Greek hyperbaton (ὑπέρβατον), meaning “transposition,” which is derived from hyper (“over”) and bainein (“to step”), with the -tos verbal adjective suffix.

The separation of connected words for emphasis or effect is possible to a much greater degree in highly inflected languages, where sentence meaning does not depend closely on word order. In Latin and Ancient Greek, the effect of hyperbaton is usually to emphasize the first word. It has been called “perhaps the most distinctively alien feature of Latin word order.”

Well, like Yoda speech, but carried to much greater lengths, and with word order within a clause much more responsive to discourse organization than to purely syntactic principles.

In contrast, hypermasturbation is frequent masturbation that disrupts daily functioning. Not just frequent masturbation, but masturbation that actually gets in the way of your daily life. I stress this as a general proponent of masturbation and as someone who this January revived my old standard New Year resolution, to masturbate more often: regular stroke breaks are good for the spirit and good for the body. Especially if you lead a solitary life.

Searching on hypermasturbation led me to a remarkable Tumblr site, depicting HyperNexus Men, comic-like art showing absolutely gigantic male genitals (far beyond the exaggerations of Tom of Finland). I’ve assembled eight of these in a posting on AZBlogX, divided into four groups:

Group 1 has merely massively oversized genitals, two of them. Group 2 has what we can reasonably think of as hypermasturbation, with massively oversized dicks spraying oceans of cum: #3 with a dick that is astoundingly long, a hose dozens of yards long; #4 with a a dick several yards long, with thickness to match, spewing a bathtub full of spunk for its possessor to luxuriate in; and #5 (my personal favorite) with another guy sporting a cock bigger than the rest of him, clutching it with both hands as it launches a cumload into the sky.

Group 3 has just one example (#6) of another school of HyperNexus Men, who have multiple copies of outsize genitals — three in this particular case.

All three of these groups tap into the male fantasy of achieving great power through possessing superhuman-sized cock and balls. Group 4 is somewhat different. #7 has  a guy whose dick and balls are so much bigger than the rest of him that his package appears to be an entity of its own, which he has mounted and is serving (rather than wielding); in #8 the cock clearly is a separate entity, protruding through a grotesquely large glory hall, demanding to be tended to.

And all this started with hyperbaton. In fact, public hyperbaton.

Public hyperbaton ok, but literary. Public masturbation, not to mention public hypermasturbation, is to be avoided except in special circumstances.

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  1. thnidu Says:

    Oh, /hai’pɝbəˌtɐn/! And here I was reading it as 〈hyper-〉+〈baton〉 /’haipɚbəˌtɐn/, as in maybe a huge… umm, well, yes. Was that intentional? 😉

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