Blame Someone Else Day

Every day, San Francisco radio station KALW announces notable events for that day. Yesterday (May 13th) we were told that it was National Apple Pie Day (other sources agree with that; almost every day is devoted to some food or another) and also Blame Somone Else Day. An entertaining idea. Unfortunately, I can’t find any source that says Blame Someone Else Day comes on May 13th.

Quite a few sources — for instance, the Holiday Insights site — say the holiday comes on the first Friday the 13th of the year. This year that’s in September, and in any case yesterday was a Monday, not a Friday.

Other sources — for instance, this Bizarre January Holidays site — name January 13th as the day for blaming others. (January 13th is also¬†National Peach Melba Day and Make Your Dream Come True Day.)

Perhaps there’s someone out there who thinks that a blaming day comes around every month, on the 13th.

A cartoonish slogan for the day, whenever it comes:

And a penguin cartoon too:

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  1. Julian Lander Says:

    May 13, 2011, was the first Friday the 13th that year. I suspect that someone at the station simply copied the dates over without understanding that it was movable (it happens with Jewish holidays, too). So I think you can safely blame the station of the error; it’s management will have to blame someone else.

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