Why didn’t you TELL me?

Today’s Zits continues a story line that’s been going on for several days. Jeremy’s parents have repeatedly reminded him that they were going to be away for one night. Now the day has come, and he protests that they should have told him:

Another cartoon on the (claimed) transcendance of social media for communication among the young, even over face-to-face talk: if it doesn’t happen on Facebook, it hasn’t happened.


2 Responses to “Why didn’t you TELL me?”

  1. George V. Reilly Says:

    It would be lost in the firehose stream of evanescent chatter that is Facebook.

  2. The Ridger Says:

    Not if they messaged him instead of posting on his wall.

    And the best part is, they could prove they’d told him.

    (What I don’t get is why he isn’t happy to have the house to himself for an evening. Par-tay, Jeremy!)

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