The distraction of ambiguity

Today’s Scenes From a Multiverse:

The ambiguity in selling … drugs for … prostitutes  (which turns on the function of the PP for … prostitutes in the larger structure) briefly distracts the characters from the image-mong(er)ing that is their pressing concern, when it really isn’t important which of the readings is the correct one; either way, they’ve got a huge scandal that’s going to take a lot of media management.

Incidental note on –monging as a variant of –mongering: there’s possible confusion with another monging. From Grant Barrett in A Way with Words on 11/28/05:

monging n. being under the influence of depressants or other drugs (especially for recreational use); idling, relaxing, or vegetating (especially due to drugs or alcohol or their after-effects); vegging out, chilling out, or chillaxing. Also, monged out, adj., feeling dulled, sluggish, or drugged. Etymological Note: From the slightly older to mong or to mong out, to take sense-dulling drugs, especially tranquilizers, opiates, or other depressants; to relax or chill out (under the influence of drugs or alcohol).

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