Recent changes in Pages

Several recent changes in the Pages (as opposed to the Posts) on this blog: another publication (in .pdf format) that somehow got missed in earlier collections; and a revision of the Pages to include a section on XWriting, links to X-rated material of several kinds.

Constructions in monostratal syntax. My sometime collaborator Andrew Spencer requested a copy of this 1987 paper a little while ago, and I discovered that it had been somehow overlooked in previous scannings, but now it’s there. I have tried earnestly to make all my publications (other than entire books, of course) available on-line, for anyone who’s interested in them (I don’t always understand why people want some of these things, but I’m willing to be accommodating).

XWriting. An earlier category labeled Topical has been replaced by two new categories: a Personal category that so far has only a set of links to material on my late husband-equivalent Jacques Transue (with considerable material of linguistic interest, having to do with his medical history), to which a set of links to material on my late wife and sometime collaborator Ann Daingerfield Zwicky will eventually be added; and an XWriting category, with two lists so far — one on the gay baths, one on poems and fiction from what was originally conceived of as a book Sundance and Butch. The gay baths material is vividly X-rated, but with some substantial academic interest, having to do with the nature of memory, the relation between fiction and (auto)biography, and participant-observer fieldwork.

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