The fallen V

In today’s Zippy, Bill Griffith continues his long exploration of American pop culture, especially roadside culture — diners, motels, and (very often) big fiberglass advertising figures:


(Note outrageous pun in the title, playing on Norse/nurse.)

Of course, the fiberglass Viking is a real thing. From the Delmarva Now site, Carol Vaughn on 4/7/15, “Iconic Viking statue no longer standing on Chincoteague”:

The huge Viking statue that stood sentinel over Chincoteague’s Pony Swim Lane for more than three decades is no longer there, after the land on which it stood was put up for sale.

Its removal came 1 1/2 years after the big man was restored and re-installed, after Hurricane Sandy toppled it in 2012.

The 23-foot-tall fiberglass icon, owned by Star Mondragon of Payne’s Sea Treasures, is currently lying next to the shop, across the street from the field where it once stood.

The Viking up:


And down, across the street:


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