Today’s Doonesbury takes us back to January 7th and Charlie Hebdo:


Back on January 8th, when the wounds were still very fresh, this editorial in the Jewish Daily Forward: “Why Charlie Hebdo Must Be Free to Offend All — Even Us”, with an example:

In 2013, Stephane Charbonnier, the editor and one of 10 staff members (along with two police officers) murdered, penned a series entitled “One Commandment A Day: The Torah Illustrated by Charb,” coarsely depicting Jews perverting their religious values in ordinary interactions and through the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Ne pas opprimer les faibles” (Don’t oppress the weak) is illustrated by a Jewish man firing an assault weapon into the back of a Palestinian woman. “Here, take that Goliath!,” he says.


Despite the offense, the Forward said to respond to the images and words with words. Period.


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