Morning name: Baskit

My recent “boxboys and transitive bottoming” posting led me to the informal English vocabulary for talking about the male genitals euphemistically: package, box, basket, junk, stuff, sack, unit, … (photo #1 there is an entertaining presentation of packages and boxes) — what you might think of as packagecabulary or boxcabulary. (NOAD2 has package ‘a man’s genitals’, but none of the other boxcabulary.)

That posting probably primed me to think of the premium underwear company Baskit; in the very crowded field of homoerotic underwear marketing, the company manages to be profoundly gay, starting with its name.

On to a November 17th piece “Baskit $12 Tuesday – Contrast Low-Rise Trunk” by Colleen Hennessy on the Underwear Expert site. An ad from the company, showing two boyfriends holding hands and displaying the waistbands of their Baskit underwear:


The guy on the left is flagging blue/gold, whatever that might mean (possibly fellatio in a three-way, either two looking for one or one looking for two, with fellatio as the main course). Here’s a model in that style, illustrating the package-flattering pouch and the low-rise styling that barely, but just barely, covers his public hair:


From Hennessy’s piece:

Give yourself a little credit. You’ve made in this far, and Monday wasn’t so bad, right? Well, whether you came out unscathed or not, treat yourself to this week’s $12 Tuesday deal on the Baskit Contrast Low-Rise Trunk!

The Contrast Low-Rise Trunk features a low-rise waistband, so you can show off those beautiful abs you’ve been working on! This is a square cut trunk so the leg openings cut off on your upper thigh for minimal coverage. The contoured pouch will keep your boys in place while you go through your daily routine.

The wide logo waistband and leg seams contrast with the color of the fabric for a fun look! Some of the styles also have contrasting season [??] in the contoured pouch to give it a little something extra. This style is available [in] five colors: orange/grey, red/black, blue/gold, grey/purple and white/turquoise. Each color combination is available on this $12 Tuesday, so stock up on every color!

Well, the sale day is long past, but we can still admire the underwear and the models who wear it.

The Contrast line comes in a number of styles (in addition to low-rise trunk: at least, (regular) trunk, brief, bikini brief, boxer brief, jock, jock brief). And there are two color combinations in addition to the ones Hennessy lists: green/gray (which is what the guy on the right in #1 is wearing, apparently conveying that he’s into stud hustling, either as hustler or as john, as the main course, and bondage) and yellow/green (piss and stud hustling). Can this coupling survive?

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  1. Mike Says:

    Why don’t they make ANY underwear that allows you to “dress up.” There ain’t none!

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