Another -kini

From Victor Steinbok, this New York Daily News piece on Kate Upton in the new Three Stooges movie, with this photo:

It’s all about her nun-kini.

From the text:

Get to know the bombshell whose voluptuous curves and girl-next-door appeal are taking the fashion world by storm … Kate Upton has ‘soitenly’ found herself at the center of some religious controversy for her role as a nun in ‘The Three Stooges.’ A spokesperson for the Catholic League was less than amused to see the Sports Illustrated cover model wearing a sacrilegiously skimpy black ‘nun-kini’ and habit in her role as the voluptuous Sister Bernice in the screwball comedy reboot.

-kini words came by here last year, in this posting, which starts with bikini, goes on to monokini and trikini, and then:

Other innovations in -kini (see the Wikipedia page on bikini variants): microkini (super small), tankini (with tank top), pubikini (exposing pubic hair), veilkini (for modesty). The element -kini ‘(women’s) bathing suit’ seems to be on its way to becoming a libfix

Now trying to imagine Sally Field as the Flying Nun in a nun-kini.

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  1. jofrhwld Says:

    On a related topic, I’ve been collecting a bunch of -tini pictures here:

  2. jofrhwld Says:

    Relatedly, I’ve been collecting a bunch of -tini pictures here:

  3. Nancy Friedman Says:

    On the other end of the spectrum we have Babi-kini, “my first bikini.”

  4. Yet another -kini | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] now on -kini words. Their last appearance on this blog was in connection with nun-kini, in a posting where I […]

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