lucanicophilia, peniphilia, and all that

On Facebook, the following exchange:

Amanda Walker: Useful term of the day: “ventepølse”, (Norwegian: “waiting sausage”), the sausage you eat off the grill while waiting for your steak to finish cooking.

Jeremy Bornstein: I was hoping it meant something like “someone whose highest purpose would be to become someone else’s sausage”

AMZ: You are my sausage, my only sausage / You make me happy when skies are gray / You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you / Please don’t take my sausage away

It’s all about love of sausage(s) — Würste of many sorts, wieners, frankfurters, hotdogs, bangers, all of them. About what I’ll call lucanicophilia ‘love of sausages’ < Lat. lucanica ‘sausage from Lucania’, in Gk. lukaniko (λουκάνικο). Plus the phil– ‘love’ root.

On the table: the song “You Are My Sunshine”, love of sausage(s), love of penises (peniphilia — sometimes a sausage is just a sausage, but sometimes it’s also a penis), and the terms lucanicophilia and peniphilia.

The song. On 8/21/16, the posting “What you done, sunshine, is criminal damage”, with the Wikipedia entry on the “Sunshine” song (and a link to a performance of it by Johnny Cash and June Cash). And now with sausage for sunshine.

Love of sausage(s). From a piece on the Inside the TravelLab site by Abi King, with an entertaining sausage origin story:


For the love of sausages

Nuremberg Sausages: Smaller than the average German wurst, in both length and girth, the Nuremberg sausage often arrives on heart shaped metal platters, in an uncertain gesture of romance. They come this size, so the legend says, because during the medieval plagues it was too dangerous for people to leave their homes in order to go in search of food (this also, incidentally, was the time when people drank beer instead of water (including children) because it was deemed to be the healthiest fluid around.)

One day, some canny sausage-maker stumbled upon the Nuremberg style and shape, so slim it could slot right through the keyholes of the plague infested doors. He threw some marjoram in with the pork, and behold, the Nuremberg sausage was born.

Nuremberg Variations: Today, it’s served boiled white with an onion and vinegar sauce or rost above open flames accompanied by salted pretzels and sauerkraut.

Love of penises. The Nurembergers are little sausages. Then there are big sausages, the object of desire for many people:


With this image, we pass from actual to figurative sausages, from Würste to Schwänze. And now we’re in peniphilia territory.

In my 7/4/15 posting “Embrace of the televised penis”, I noted that the term peniphilia ‘a strong positive emotional view towards, or positive emotion caused by, the penis’ had been coined a number of times (before I thought of it), though it’s not in standard dictionaries.

Terminological notes. I can’t take credit for peniphilia, a pretty straightforward invention and a useful one, but I will stand up for lucanicophilia (and lucanicophile and lucanicophiliac), though, frankly, sausage loving should do fine for everyday purposes. And sausage fan or sausage lover will do fine for the long and awkward lucanicophile.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Rod Williams on Facebook:

    I’m thinking the Spanish longaniza and Portuguese linguiça are related to lucanica?

    In a word, yes.

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