Going all the way gay with the X-Men

An ad from the porn purveyor HisXpress for a gay porn flick from men.com:


A remarkable project in several ways, starting with the fact that the video uses six of the X-Men characters without disguise in punning names or anything of the sort, so the Marvel firm must have been on board for the project — this despite the fact that the video is flat-out XXX-rated gay porn, as you can verify (if you wish) by viewing the trailer for the flick, which manages to provide a very short overview of the varieties of hot-hot man-man sex.

The cast: Colby Keller as Wolverine, Paddy O’Brian as Magneto, Landon Mycles as Colossus, Brennan Bolton as Cyclops, Paul Canon as Pyro, Mike de Marko as Iceman. If my records are correct, only Colby Keller has appeared in my blogs before, and he’s something of a favorite. Also, apparently, older than the rest, so Wolverine is a kind of elder statesman mutant.

The pornstars take on the Marvel characters (and their special powers) and run with them. An interesting contrast to the gay porn parody of, say, Anthony’s Weener, exposed in a 8/4/13 posting, starring

Lucky Daniels as Congressman Wheiner [Weiner], Angel Rock as right wing blogger Andrew Breitpart [Breitbart], Ricky Sinz as Speaker Bohner [Boehner] and Marc Dylan as Senator David Litter [Vitter].

(using the real-life political figures as cardboard inventions with jokey names).

Then there’s Iceman, back in the Marvel universe. From the New York Times on 12/24/15, in “Diversity Comes to Superheroes: Creators explore gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender narratives” by George Gene Gustines:

When the mutant superhero Iceman came out last month — thanks to a one-two punch of his prying telepathic teammate and a time-travel visit from his younger self — he immediately became the most prominent gay comic book character. But his revelation was far from the only story line involving gay, lesbian and transgender characters in the fast-evolving world of comic-book narratives.

(In Marvel Comics’ Issue No. 600 of “Uncanny X-Men,” Iceman had a conversation with his younger self and revealed that he is gay. Yes, the Marvel universe is a really complex place.)

In any case, Marvel is now on board the lgbt train, at least the gay car. Go for it, Iceman.

In back of all this is the fact that the X-Men are indeed mutants, with secret identities that  they are obliged to hide in much of their lives. Pretty much everybody sees the symbolism here, the parallel to identities that many people feel obliged to hide: being lgbt, most obviously, but also (in some circumstances) being Jewish, and more. Part of the attraction of the X-Men is that they’re outsiders, weirdos, who prevail, spectacularly.


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