Rainbow ads

The latest (August/September) issue of The Advocate has two themes, one long planned — it’s the LGBT travel issue — and one responding to urgent current events, the June 12 shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando FL. I’m still trying to reach a state of equanimity that will allow me to post about Orlando, but LGBT travel is easy, and there are three ads in the issue that take advantage of the colors of the Pride flag to invite LGBT travelers to Williamsburg and Miami and to encourage them to drive wherever they’re going in a Nissan.


(DoG is Duke of Gloucester, but DoG allowed the ad agency to go for a canine theme.)


(A coffee-flavored theme, with some really nice coffee cups.)


(Rainbow crosswalk. Red is just barely discernible on the left, purple out of the picture on the right, but that’s ok because we know the colors.)

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