Lukas is back!

(Underwear and raunchy innuendo, with a jock harness bonus, and some language stuff, but, yes, men’s bodies, so not to everyone’s tastes.)

The latest Daily Jocks offering, with my caption:


Lukas and the Back Alley Boys
Return this week for a
Short engagement,
Featuring old favorites
— “Butt Up, Baby”, and
Fresh stuff
— “Pullin’ My Pants Down For You”,
Soon to be released on their
Ballsy new album
Silly Love Songs

(Lukas sport shorts from Helsinki Athletica.)

Apologies to Paul McCartney, whose 1976 song “Silly Love Songs” actually was about silly love songs. And of course to the Backstreet Boys for the play on back alley  (from Green’s Dictionary of Slang: alley ‘vagina’, 1st cite in 1842, then, inevitably, alley ‘anus’, 1st cite in 1934, a usage often played on in a gay context, as in the San Francisco leather street fair Up Your Alley).

Bonus material, with fortuitous finds, discoveries from checking the Daily Jocks site. Which led me to this:

Cellblock13’s new X Wing Jockstrap is one of the sexiest jock we’ve had. This specific jock/pouch can only be worn with a harness. For a complete gear look, wear it with the “X Wing” Neoprene Harness [sold separately].

Two parts: the jock, which won’t work on its own, because it has only the butt band, with no waistband to hold it up; and the harness, a cross harness (or X harness). Front view of the jock-harness combo, in red:


Focused on the jock. Moving up the body:


And then the side view, which shows you how it all fits together:


(Not really the point here, but this strikes me as a satisfyingly homoerotic shot.)

The jock harness doesn’t come cheap: $34 for the jock, $62 for the harness. A big outlay to show off your bulge, your big pecs, and your hot butt.

At this point, realizing that Jock is a reasonably common personal name (a Scottish name, diminutive of John, like English Jack) and that Harness is an attested surname, there might well be guys named Jock Harness.

And so there might, but my search for them was overwhelmed by pieces of apparel called jock harnesses, all of them combining something like a jock with some kind of harness. None, as far as I can tell, as fine as Cellblock13’s model.

Also thrown up in my searching: links to things labeled as vegan jock harnesses. You might well want to mouthe a jockstrap, but eat one?

Well, it turns out that vegan here is short for vegan leather (truncation is everywhere): leather not involving animal products, that is, artificial leather. From Wikipedia:

Alternative leather (bicast leather) is a fabric or finish intended to substitute for leather in fields such as upholstery, clothing, footwear and fabrics, and other uses where a leather-like finish is required but the actual material is cost-prohibitive, unsuitable, or unusable for ethical reasons.

… Artificial leather is marketed under many names, including “leatherette”, “faux leather”, “vegan leather”, “PU [polyurethane] leather” and “pleather”.

And of course, the branded Naugahyde (“Tell me, Eric, just how many innocent naugas had to be sacrificed to make you those sexy chaps, jockstrap, and big bulldog harness?”).

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