What do men want?

The Doonesbury in today’s comics feed, a dialogue between Zipper Harris (with the spiky hair) and his buddy and, back in college, roommate and (football) teammate Jeff Redfern:

Four panels of laconic exchanges to set up the relationship between the guys. Then the kicker, about what Zipper wants.

What Zipper wants is, pretty clearly, someone who’s just like his buddy Jeff — knows him well, doesn’t judge, always has his back, isn’t intrusive or demanding (all that is established in the four guytalk panels) —  but is also a hot chick who’s into him.

A classic. Kids tend to be socialized in same-sex groups, then in adolescence (if they’re straight) move to try to establish intimate relationships with the other sex. But what they have to go on at that point is in large part their same-sex relationships (for a guy, with his best buddy; for a girl, with her girlfriend — your local terms might be different). So the road can be a rocky one, littered with conflicting expectations.

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